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In 2008, Sunanda Halder launched SUup!, a new home fashion line focusing a younger audience, with modern graphics and an edgy mix of colour & material. SUup! is made for "Everyone Young at Heart", one who not only has a keen sense of style but also a soul that cares for people and this planet. SUup! donates a part of its profit to Swayam, a charitable organisation in India that works towards empowering victims of violence, to a better new life. www.suup.eu

The collection Sunanda Halder is designed for people with an eclectic choice & creativity for mixing & matching, rather than dressing up head-to-toe in one brand. These people love their beautifully assembled homes that reflect their refined taste, acquired from being well-traveled, observing and learning from various cultures. They love to invite and visit their friends in their beautiful domains, for "home entertaining". Our unique designs hope to add sparks of style & personality to their home & wardrobes, and perhaps, some extra moments of joy in their lives, as well!

Sunanda regularly works on commissions / design consultancy projects via her Frankfurt-based studio, "creatiWITTY", that is specialized in design of textile collections, multi-dimensional surfaces and pattern, concept development & styling for both home & fashion, bespoke textiles for interiors, colour and trend consultancy services to fashion & interior industry, for manufacturers/producers, as well as architects and interior firms.
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